And yes, as much as there are perks, there are prats...
  1. People wanting to take photos with me even when my hair is greasy and I don't have any makeup on...
  2. People interrupting me while I'm eating curry laksa to take a photo with me...
  3. People who never introduce themselves...I thought I'm the celeb here, are you one too and I'm supposed to know your name?
  4. People who hog me at events to tell me about this huge and very obscure problem they have.
  5. Corsages.
  6. VIP holding rooms.
  7. Not knowing where someone's camera phone photo of you is going to wind up
  8. People whose only achievement in life is being rude to you.
  9. Having to endure some truly boring dinners in order to get a nice cheque for your cause.