Well I'm not really a celebrity in the glamorous sense. I don't get chased down the street, nobody sends me wonderful designer dresses to wear and I am not seen at the best events. But apparently my mug does get recognised. A lot. Which can sometimes be quite nice. Here's why :
  1. Cute young boys come up to me to tell me they adore me.
  2. Cute young girls in braces want to take photos with me.
  3. Their mums want to hug and kiss me though I suspect I'm a surrogate for Dad.
  4. Their Dads luckily don't want to kiss and hug me.
  5. I get pretty good service in shops especially if I agree to take photos with the staff afterwards.
  6. People are not shy to tell me that they read my columns and think they are spot on. ( Ok now go buy the book!)
  7. Some people think I inherited the best of Dad.
  8. I can always request to meet someone and 9 times out of 10, they'll say yes, mostly out of curiosity.
  9. I get to eat some great meals for free.