I love....
  1. I feel safe, comfortable
    w/o makeup, with my true self, my emotions
  2. Watching you skate
    thinking of you with your arms open, ready for u to break my fall
  3. No road rage
  4. No aggression in the slightest
  5. Life brings us together
    we're on the same exact beat
  6. Ur laugh
  7. Ur smile
  8. U with glasses/ U without glasses
  9. Ur gold watch
    that occasionally comes undone
  10. Ur Velcro shoes
  11. Everything aesthetically
    But especially ur chest, ur legs, ur arms, ur lips, ur eyes, ur hair
  12. Ur taste in music
  13. Ur conscience
    how true u strive to be
  14. The gold chain you wear
  15. Ur height
    my face is literally face planted in ur chest every time
  16. The tightness and warmth of your hugs
    ur embrace and the way you run your hands up and down
  17. Ur patience with me
  18. When u express ur self
    body language, ur tone of voice, facial expression
  19. U with ur mom's glasses
    Sick brah
  20. When u use your finger to put up ur glasses when they're falling off
  21. When u teach me anything and root me on
  22. When u FaceTime me and just stare
    When ur staring at me in general lol
  23. When I watched you beat the nuge
  24. Watching you skate