January 28, 2017
  1. met an elementary school pal 💕✂️
  2. was a shit show
    aka the weather/men
  3. found my job's gaspy house
    with the chambers squad... and awkwardly seeing john and paul
  4. held a grocery bag open for my best gal pal to puke in
    tucked her in after
  5. seen many lame-o's
    one bitch specifically
  6. had mixed feelings throughout the day
    excited, happy, weary, exhausted, high 😏, low
  7. got to hang with jasmin in a different atmosphere
    oh mom how we all luv yew so much
  8. had Jell-O shots
    which is rare
  9. watched portlandia @ Zarna's
    my favs
  10. went to soho in the rain and cold
    and waiting in a very wet line w awkward Eric man
  11. played with pepper kat @ ex's house
    then ate egg drop soup