A list of awkward moments
  1. Watching twilight
    When Bella is vividly flirting with the werewolf guy in front of the vampire guy. Literally the whole series I'm just like this is so corny.
  2. When frank starts talking about being famous and shit
    Like ok shorty....... jeez.
  3. Light skins
    Ok, that sounds really wild but I mean predominately I catch myself looking at the old high school jocks on instagram trying to look really sexy or something by badly lip syncing and lip biting. Omfg... I CAN'T.
  4. Whenever I've been bad and somebody that I made mad does something nice for me :(
    I really appreciate when anyone does the slightest bit of kindness for me especially when I haven't been projecting a nice demeanor.
  5. Small talk at macdintons
    Like ok, I'm pretty much setting myself up for awkward drunk talk with randoms.
  6. This guy at hcc (light skin) publicly trying to hit on this girl next to me
    Omfg, can u plz stawp
  7. Another guy sitting close to me that tried to hit on me in the math lab
    Plz this is awkward and I can't believe they called these two ppl before me wtf?!??
  8. My boss speaking to me while aware I do not fuck with him
    Like why the awkwardness? Can we progress or what?!
  9. Many things the medical doctors do
    Including hugs, staring at my butt, making wild comments, misogynistic shat
  10. Being public with strangers about family issues
    Example: being at work yelling at my dad at the top of my lungs