A friend of mine passed away today. Here are some of my thoughts.
  1. Too young
  2. Too soon
  3. I barely knew you
  4. I didn't keep in touch with you.
  5. I'm sorry
  6. I won't be able to see who you could have become
  7. Come back
  8. I can't imagine how it is for your parents. for your sister.
  9. I'm sorry
  10. I should have put more thought in visiting you while you were sick
  11. I can't believe I didn't
  12. I can't comprehend
  13. I'm sorry
  14. You said some things that hurt me but I know you just didn't understand.
  15. Come back
  16. I'll do better
  17. I hope it was peaceful and painless
  18. I hope you were surrounded by friends and family in your last hours, days, weeks.
  19. I'm sorry I wasn't there
  20. I'm sorry. Come back.