My life is not that exciting.
  1. Went to the Aiguille du midi, 3800+ meters above sea level in Chamonix, France
    Heights are terrifying.
  2. Finished my Europe trip in Brussels.
    Mussels, waffles and chocolate.
  3. Captain America: Civil War
    Amazing and a great feat of entertainment
  4. The Flash 2x21 "The Runaway Dinosaur"
    Beautiful and introduced some amazing concepts into the show.
  5. Congratulations, Joey
    One of my great friends graduated from the Elliot school master program at GW university.
  6. Went to Freeplay for the first time
    A local arcade with many old school arcade games. Tapper, joust, donkey kong, pinball, and so many more
  7. Game of Thrones 6x05 "The Door"