words I made up that belong in a dictionary. dunno know WHO'S dictionary, but maybe that's another list for another wordsmithing day. feel free to use these and/or add your own 😁
  1. GOOGLERY, (v) the act of googling (Marsha's ignorance could be traced to her inability to master the simple act of googlery.)
  2. BRILLARIOUS, (adj) brilliant AND hilarious (The Larry Sanders Show was ahead of its time and utterly brilliarious. Which probably explains why Marsha never got the jokes.)
  3. BORADLY, (adv) big and stupid (Marsha grinned boradly at George Clooney. He did not grin back.)
  4. WROD, (n) what happens whilst texting and autocorrect makes you look like a bigger idiot than you are (Marsha wrote "spare the wrod, spoil the syntax" and now everyone knows she's insane.)
  5. MAROON, (n) someone who lacks common sense (Daffy Duck was not a maroon, but, as we learned a minute ago, Marsha IS.)
  6. WIKIPIDIOT, (n) one who believes Wikipedia is the quintessential source of unimpeachable information. (Oh Marsha, only a wikipidiot would believe in an Actual Flying Spaghetti Monster!)
  7. WORDSMITHERY, (v) making up new words because you want to and/or... can (In an exquisite display of unoriginal wordsmithery, Marsha told everyone at the party she was, in fact, a Pastafarian, then proceeded to dump a can of tomato sauce onto her head.)
  8. BUGFUCKER, (n) asshole with a minuscule dick (Even Marsha knew Glenn was a pond-scummy bugfucker.)
  9. WHINERY, (v) act of whining and/or complaining harder 'n a little girl who just lost her Hello Kitty Sweater. (Marsha was curled up in the corner next to her drool rag, after an uncontrollable bout of whinery, in which she repeatedly lamented -- to no one in particular -- "where's the @bjnovak listsharelove when ya need it??")
  10. LOVELOVELOVE, (n) more than love. more than lots of love. just, y'know, overwhelming/pigs-in-shit/heart bursting/glorious love! (Marsha once fell in lovelovelove with a well known "personality". Alas, because he was a bona fide bugfucker, it did not end well.)