1. Kill Bill: Vol. 2
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    June 5/12/19/26. Quentin Tarantino's stunning personal 35mm print screens every Friday at midnight in June!
  2. The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy
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    June 6. One of the nuttiest and most entertaining of the Mexican horror films imported and dubbed by K. Gordon Murray!
  3. Hell Ride
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    June 13. Iconic biker flick star Larry Bishop returns to write, direct & star in a modern take on the genre that made him famous.
  4. Superman: the Movie
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    June 20. Christopher Reeves as the man of steel in the superhero classic!
  5. Hands on a Hard Body
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    June 27. "This film is a phenomenon. One of my favorite documentaries of all time." - Quentin Tarantino