In case you missed it, a lot happened this week in the world of climate change.
  1. Obama rejects the Keystone XL pipeline
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    Earlier today, President Obama secured his environmental legacy by rejecting the (in)famous pipeline.
  2. Big Business hearts Mother Earth! Well, kind of.
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    Corporate tycoons have been pushing for new laws and policies to fight climate change before they hit their bottom lines. It might not be altruism, but it could work.
  3. The plan to save the earth
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    What will success look like at the Paris climate conferences later this month? No less than a plan to save the world - which could look like this:
  4. Antarctica is gaining ice. Seriously.
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    A new study shows Antarctica is actually gaining ice. But that doesn’t mean climate change is no longer a problem.
  5. Republicans: they aren’t scientists!
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    If you didn’t already know, the GOP isn’t full of scientists (regardless of what they may think). But cracks are beginning to form in the wall of denial.
  6. Clean clicks v. dirty data
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    What would it take to make a greener internet? We made an infographic to show you.
  7. Sorry about those wildfires
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    Scientists now know which natural disasters are linked to climate change, including the West's epic wildfire season.