Tonight, Republican hopefuls will take the stage in Milwaukee for their 4th primary debate. Here's what you need to know:
  1. When is this debate, and who's even participating?
    All the deets you need, whether you're watching or not: http://bit.ly/1kmTEJQ
  2. Fox Business is the Republican Party’s dream host.
    But without the liberal media to scapegoat, who will the candidates yell at this time? http://bit.ly/1SFMLyF
  3. Marco Rubio is an imaginary frontrunner.
    The Florida Senator is lagging in the polls, but everyone thinks he’s a shoe-in for the nomination. http://bit.ly/1O1uLNx
  4. Smart people can believe crazy things. We’re looking at you, Mr. Carson.
    Let’s just say there’s a clear difference between “book-smart” and “street-smart.” http://bit.ly/1WPgoy3
  5. The many Vines of Jeb Bush.
    Jeb Bush is the nerd of the GOP, and his attempts at coolness are only making it worse. http://bit.ly/1GV6F7q
  6. Teens for Trump!
    What can we say, the kids love him. Who knew? http://bit.ly/1kmUPsT