As pundits wondered whether America was finally ready to elect its first woman president, female politicians dealt with journalists who mentioned their pink nail polish and commentators who likened them to stewardesses. Here are the year's best examples of female politicians dealing with utter crap in their jobs. Full story: http://bit.ly/1Yg70nL
  1. Joni Ernst is compared to an airline stewardess
    Senator Ernst, an Iraq veteran from Iowa, gives the Republican rebuttal to Obama’s January State of the Union address. Journalists on Twitter compare her to a stewardess and a cheerleader.
  2. Lisa Murkowski receives a chairmanship and a windbreaker
    With the Republican takeover in the Senate, the number of women leading committees is knocked down from seven to two. Lisa Murkowski, the Republican senator from Alaska and chairman of the Energy Committee, recounted how aides to Kevin McCarthy offered her a windbreaker with “Chairman’s Table” written on the back. The only problem? It was far too large to fit her and clearly designed for a man.
  3. Carly Fiorina wears nail polish
    Paul Bedard, a columnist at the conservative Washington Examiner, tells Carly Fiorina that he had “never met a presidential candidate with pink nail polish on.” They were both attending a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. Fiorina coolly replies, “there’s always a first.”
  4. Fiorina and Donald Trump go tit for tat
    Rolling Stone reports that Donald Trump, surrounded by staffers, glanced up at a broadcast featuring Carly Fiorina and asked whether anyone would vote for “that face.” The following week, Fiorina fired back at Trump with an impromptu zinger at the second Republican debate: “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.”
  5. Donald Trump pulls out the "shrill" card on Hillary Clinton
    Donal Trump repeatedly calls Hillary Clinton “shrill” during a campaign gathering in South Carolina. In a convention center in Charleston, Trump raised his voice several octaves, telling the several hundred people who had gathered to hear him speak: “Hillary, who is very shrill—do you know the word ‘shrill’? She can be kind of sha-riiiiill.”
  6. Bernie Sanders comes pretty close to doing the same
    At the Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders says that “all the shouting in the world” would not keep guns out of the wrong hands. Later, in a blockbuster performance at Iowa’s Jefferson Jackson Day dinner, Clinton suggests that Sanders used those words because of her gender. “I haven’t been shouting,” she said. “But sometimes when a woman speaks out, some people think it’s shouting.”