Just having one of those weeks where you have no idea what's going on in the world? We're here to help.
  1. GOP Debate #3
    Wednesday night Republican hopefuls gathered to discuss economics. Sort of. http://bit.ly/1O8O9uA
  2. Paid Leave
    Meet the most aggressive paid leave bill in America: http://bit.ly/1GyVnWg
  3. Hello there, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
    Canada’s newly elected PM is really, really, ridiculously good-looking…and it matters. http://bit.ly/1OVznrm
  4. Democrats lost the budget war
    While ending the debt limit crisis is a win for America, it’s also kind of embarrassing for the Senate. http://bit.ly/1NyCGkY
  5. Darkness is good
    Studies show sleeping in total darkness is better for you than sleeping with your phone. http://on.tnr.com/1NwhUm1