From Jane Kramer’s story on the feminist activist in this week’s issue:
  1. “People are always asking me, ‘Who will you pass the torch to?’ The question makes me angry. There is no one torch—there are many torches—and I’m using my torch to light other torches.”
  2. “I have the greatest luxury of thinking I might make a difference. I say to myself, ask myself: Can anyone else do what I do? If not, I should keep doing what I can uniquely do. For me, it’s a combination of responsibility and pleasure.”
  3. “Feminist theory came from feminist activism—it wasn’t the other way around."
  4. “My path is to open the door to this house, to get out of the world I know, and to experience new worlds, new voices. It’s making connections, and using myself to listen, because you can’t empower women without listening to their stories.”
  5. “The power of laughter—that’s power! It’s our only free emotion, the one that nobody can control.”
  6. “The problem of legitimizing the sex trade as work, the way it’s done in Germany, for example, is that ‘work’ has consequences, one being that you are required to do just that—work—and if you refuse to accept a client, or to do something a client wants, you can be fired, or worse.”
  7. “There is no competition of tears in feminism. If you’ve suffered discrimination, you’re sensitive to it on every level. I learned feminism largely from black women. Women of color basically invented feminism.”