Amazon’s new original series, débuting February 16, is inspired by stories, poems, and cartoons from The New Yorker. Watch the pilot episode (now available on Prime), then—whether you’re curious about amphibians or the poem read by Andrew Garfield—look to this list for more details on each subject and video segment.
  1. “A Valuable Reputation,” Rachel Aviv’s story on the scientist Tyrone Hayes
    In “The New Yorker Presents,” the scientist Tyrone Hayes takes viewers to the neighborhood where he grew up, in South Carolina. Rachel Aviv wrote about Hayes in 2014.He had spent fifteen years studying a herbicide’s effect on frogs. When he said that it was harmful, the chemical maker plotted ways to discredit him.
  2. Judith Thurman’s Profile of the performance artist Marina Abramović
    “I have always staged my fears as a way to transcend them,” Abramović told Judith Thurman in this 2010 piece, published before the artist’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. Abramović also explains the role of pain in her art, and her approach to feminism.
  3. More God stories from Simon Rich
    The big guy in the sky is a regular character in Simon Rich’s humor pieces. In one, God is working hard on creating the universe but neglecting his girlfriend ( In another, the Messiah descends from Heaven only to put his foot in his mouth (
  4. “King,” by Matthew Dickman
    A very bearded Andrew Garfield reads this poem in the pilot. It was published in the magazine in October, 2010. Read Dickman’s latest poem in The New Yorker, “Minimum Wage”:
  5. And in parting, a cartoon from Emily Flake, whose drawings are featured throughout the episode.
  6. Look out for the début of “The New Yorker Presents” on February 16.