A guide to escaping death in a corn maze, a look at life from the eyes of a leaf blower, and other fall-themed fun from the archive of Daily Shouts.
  1. "Corn Maze F.A.Q.” by Colin Nissan http://nyr.kr/1R9yJUm
  2. "Don’t Stop, Be Leafing” by Tim Long http://nyr.kr/1NF8VBP
  3. "Autumn Should Come with Trigger Warnings for These Things” by Shannon Reed http://nyr.kr/1Ljlwov
  4. "I Am a Leaf Blower” by Steve Macone http://nyr.kr/1RFJGxS
  5. “Frankenstein’s Monster Goes Trick-or-Treating” by Matt Passet http://nyr.kr/1X0EkAr
  6. “The Cranberry Sauce Has Something to Say” by Will Stephen http://nyr.kr/1k2ObYm
  7. “What to Do with Your Thanksgiving Leftovers” by Colin Stokes http://nyr.kr/1Ovng3W