Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein! In 1933, when he was fifty-four years old, The New Yorker profiled the renowned physicist, calling him “the only stable popular icon on earth.” Read the full story: http://bit.ly/YC0KPC
  1. When Einstein visited the royal family of Belgium, he failed to notice the welcoming party at the train station and surprised the Queen by arriving on foot, baggage in hand.
  2. He liked to take long walks alone, especially in the rain.
  3. He saw money as something to give away. In 1927, he was aiding one hundred and fifty impoverished families in Berlin.
  4. He once used a $1,500 check from the Rockefeller Foundation as a bookmark, lost the book, and couldn’t remember who had sent the check. Mrs. Einstein had to track it down.
  5. Einstein’s favorite dish was stuffed pike with mushrooms.
  6. When he received the Nobel Prize, in 1921, he gave it to charity.
  7. He initially declined his post at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton on the ground that the salary was excessive. He was persuaded to accept the offer only by the promise of an enormous pay cut.
  8. He disapproved of the Eighteenth Amendment—which prohibited the "manufacture, sale, or transportation” of alcoholic beverages in the U.S.—because he believed the saloon to be an important centre for the exchange of ideas.