We recently launched The New Yorker Today, an iPhone app that brings you an editor-curated selection of the latest and best stories from The New Yorker. See it for yourself: http://apple.co/1NWRoRF
  1. Free access to the latest New Yorker articles
    This includes both Web site and magazine pieces. You’ll be able to read unlimited stories through the app for the next little while—time to read voraciously!—after which our metered paywall will go into effect for non-subscribers.
  2. Decades of cartoons
    That’s about eight thousand altogether. And you can swipe left, right, up, or down on them (a funnier, less stressful alternative to your favorite dating app).
  3. Notifications when a big story publishes
    Whether it’s about the earthquake that’s going to destroy the Pacific Northwest or the latest election primary, you’ll hear about New Yorker stories when they’re fresh.
  4. Offline reading
    Underground or in the air? Recent New Yorker stories are preloaded on the app, so you can read them no matter the state of your Internet.
  5. Bookmarking
    If you’re in the middle of a story and you have somewhere to go, you can just hit the little bookmark at the bottom of your screen, and the piece will be added to your personal “read later” list (where it will be available both on and offline).