New Yorker copy editor Mary Norris shares key grammar points in her video series, "Comma Queen."
  1. When she gave us an official ruling on the use of em dashes
  2. When she wore sunglasses because semicolons are the “hot new piece of punctuation”
  3. When she offered us a simple rule for using “less” vs. “fewer,” which we’ll share here: use “fewer” for items that can be counted (on a list, for instance), and “less” for things that can’t
  4. When she turned pencil-sharpening into an art form
  5. When she finally taught us the difference between “who” and “whom”—and commanded us never to say “whom” in conversation, unless we were sure
  6. When her episode about umlauts was titled “An episode of diaeresis” (credit goes to the editors on that, but still—we know Mary approved). No idea what we’re talking about? Pay a visit to the Comma Queen: