In the 105 holiday covers The New Yorker has published, Santa Claus has proved himself a consummate New Yorker. He has drunk coffee perched alone on a diner stool, ridden the subway with his fellow Santas, and schlepped through airport security. Find more covers reflecting holiday cheer from the 1920s through today:
  1. “December 12, 1925,” by Rea Irvin.
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  2. “November 30, 1940,” by Perry Barlow.
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  3. “The Big Bag,” by Franco Matticchio, December 13, 1999.
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  4. “Holiday Travel,” by Istvan Banyai, December 3, 2001.
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  5. “Holiday Cheers,” by Jan Van Der Veken, December 7, 2009.
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