Reporting and commentary on a persistent tragedy.
  1. Battleground America, by Jill Lepore
    America has nearly as many guns as it has people, yet our relationship with guns is more complicated than the data suggest.
  2. The Simple Truth About Gun Control, by Adam Gopnik
    Mass shootings are not an impossibly hard, or even particularly complex, problem. There’s no doubt or ambiguity about what needs to be done, nor that, if it is done, it will work.
  3. So You Think You Know the Second Amendment? by Jeffrey Toobin
    The battle over gun control is not just one of individual votes in Congress, but of a continuing clash of ideas, backed by political power.
  4. How School Shootings Spread, by Malcolm Gladwell
    An increasingly ritualized form of violence is attracting unexpected perpetrators.
  5. The Rise of Domestic Terrorism, by Evan Osnos
    Republican Presidential candidates have raced to declare that America must defend itself from foreign terrorists. Law-enforcement statistics tell a different story.
  6. Behind Robert Dear’s Violence, by Eyal Press
    The attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic points to a new pattern of extremism.
  7. America’s Enduring Confusion Over the Second Amendment, by Adam Gopnik
    If the Founders hadn’t wanted guns to be regulated, and thoroughly, they would not have put the phrase “well regulated” in the amendment.