1. .
    The period is the best punctuation mark because it symbolizes the end of a short idea and generally our ideas run on too long and get mushed together and second something that represents the end of an idea is good because people need to shut up more.
  2. :
    The colon is second only to the period for the following reasons: it introduces a list and it signifies items to support a proposition.
  3. ( )
    Parentheses (very hard to spell or say, especially pluralized) often contain important information that is otherwise difficult to include organizationally.
  4. ,
    The comma is a good and a bad punctuation, because some people use them too much, or, will try to connect two sentences with a comma when those two sentences deserve to be separate, like this one.
  5. !
    The exclamation mark is the worst punctuation. Convey excitement through your words or THROUGH ALL CAPS like your grandfather.