Thank you @BWN_7 for the request!
  1. It's hard to pick just one.
  2. There are so many memories I want to relive.
  3. If I had to pick one right now I would pick when my aunt Dee Dee used to babysit my brother and Me
    I was probably 5 or 6 and he 3 or 4
  4. Especially the times in February
  5. She would come over before my parents would leave and order pizza
  6. The pizza would come from Marcos and (during February) would always be heart shaped
  7. Then we would play with our toys in the old playroom...
  8. And sing and dance to Kidz Bop...
  9. And watch the best movies.
  10. It was then that I remember feeling like a kid.
  11. Giphy