1. Tina Fey
    From her work at Saturday Night Live and on every project she has touched holds a special place in my heart.
  2. Liz Lemon
    I only hope I can one day be as funny and charismatic as Liz Lemon. Her work with The Girly Show has been both hilarious and inspirational. Her quirky catchphrases such as "Blerg", combined with her affinity for food and laughter make her not only a woman of comedy, but also of great character.
  3. Claire Foster
    Claire is a true testament to the strong-willed, suburban mother. I would be so honored to meet both her and her husband Phil.
  4. Kate Ellis
    Kate (pictured right) is the definition of a "cool mom" if I've ever seen one. Not only does she (and her sister Maura) know how to throw a killer party, but she also knows how to make any situation a fun one.
  5. Kim Baker
    I am not so familiar with Kim's work, but I do know that any journalist that is willing to travel to one of the most dangerous places on earth is someone worth getting to know.
  6. Portia Nathan
    Portia works as an Admissions Officer for Princeton. She makes tough decisions daily regarding who is accepted to the prestigious institution. I would love to talk over coffee about her job, and just exactly what she looks for in an applicant.
  7. Ms. Norbury
    As an aspiring teacher I have a great deal of respect for math teacher Ms. Norbury. She is witty, sarcastic, and genuinely caring (all things I hope to be as a teacher).
  8. I hope that I can meet even just one of these women someday.