Maybe the Jewish conspiracy is the friends we made along the way. L'chaim!
  1. The mother explaining why the Jews killed Jesus on the train my dad and I were on
    It was actually super informative! Had no idea that we did any of that stuff.
  2. The girl who assumed my brother's name was David, even though the only David I ever mentioned was David Duchovny, as I am perpetually thinking about the X Files
    It's a good guess though, as all Jews are named either David, Morty, Sarah or Rebecca
  3. That time my drama teacher told me to put my hair up because my hair looked like it was in "Rabbi curls"
    Always looking up for me
  4. Everything people thought Kosher was
    There aren't enough bullet points in the world, but my personal fave is "he just shakes his rabbi self on it"
  5. And, of course, that there's a baby sacrificed during a seder
    Well, that one's true
  6. UPDATE: "do you also celebrate Ramadan?"