Movies I'd rather see about Boston than Patriot's Day

Stick 2 the rhymes marky
  1. A biopic about the one stringed instrument player at Park street
    He's not good at playing it but neither is Patriot's Day
  2. A four hour livecam of Harvard boys pissing on the statue's foot
    That's why it's so shiny
  3. Performance art piece where the music is just the t turning the Boylston turn
    True story in high school i had a friend with perfect pitch & she almost threw up because of that but tbh so might Patriots Day
  4. A Cheers movie
    Sling me them beehs ye olde Ted Danson. Just fuck me up
  5. A Paul Revere flick set in modern day Revere
    Pan on PAUL riding his horse through the East Coast's saddest beach. His horse SPARTACUS (i assume) neighs as he steps on a sunny d bottle washed up on the shore
  6. Any matt damon movie
    It counts
  7. The entire blue man group performance
    Bonus: no threat of audience participation
  8. Whalburger the movie
    This movie is clearly a whalburger publicity scheme anyways just lean into it rather than exploit a potent moment in this city & country's history lmao
  9. A documentary about the Boston fucking Marathon Bombing
    It's almost like.... it happened to real people..... really not so long ago.... with a lot of readily available footage..... hmmm.