Just a few that struck a chord with me. Please add your own!
  1. Garry Shandling on You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes
    Completely genuine and yet doesn't miss a beat. Learned a lot about comedy, keeping zen and how to be a human being. His talking about death is bittersweet in a near macabre way. Two of the best spent hours of my life.
  2. Gary Oldman on the Nerdist Podcast
    Before I listened to this episode, I thought, as everyone else does, that there is no way I could love Gary Oldman more than I already do. Well, FALSE, my friends, false as water. The conversation was genuine and emotional, and Chris Hardwick, to his infinite credit, let it be that way and didn't push any agenda. Their conversation about Bowie is just beautiful.
  3. Jerry Seinfeld on Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin
    Bearing in mind that this conversation will always be secondary to these two negotiating on 30 Rock's "Seinfeldvision", this is an enlightening listen. Seinfeld is ridiculously zen, frank, and witty, and as always, just having a great time. Their friendship allows the conversation to flow really well but they also disagree on some things. Bonus: Baldwin breaks out some impressions.
  4. Ben Folds on You Made it Weird
    I knew next to nothing about Ben Folds going into this episode, and I honestly don't know that much about HIM now. I know about he he thinks and how he views the world, and about how I think and view the world. Funny and philosophical, didn't want it to end.
  5. Lin Manuel Miranda on How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black
    This episode was recorded (and released) before Hamilton opened off-Broadway about a year and a half ago. Miranda is always effervescent and charming, but there's a mystic quality to this knowing that this is a man who is about to embark on a huge new chapter of his life.