Stand up specials that made me temporarily forget about my clinical depression

Because Netflix is cheaper than valium
  1. Sasheer Zamata: Pizza Mind
    This is on Seeso which I got mostly for MBMBaM but then they had Fawlty Towers so I stuck around. Glad I did. I already knew that she was critically underused on SNL but this isn't what you'd expect from an SNL cast member in general - and she addresses that. Also: race, Pluto and sphincters.
  2. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
    I am not exaggerating when I say I almost wet myself. This shit is unbelievable. She is not even on the next level, she transcended levels. "Thanks for the rug-burn Avi" will haunt me forever & I love it.
  3. John Mulaney: New in Town
    This is not surprising as I think everyone my age speaks exclusively in John Mulaney quotes. This came out when I was in high school aka during my Indie Depression and I listened to the album of this, out of sequence on Pandora Radio and subsequently memorized like, all of it. Still funny though
  4. John Mulaney: the Comeback Kid
    Well John did it again, only this time more bitter and looking like an old timey talk show host which is lit af & a Look if I'm being honest. Idk what more to say cuz who hasn't watched this? I know my mom did cuz she texted me about it one time with no context
  5. Bo Burnham: Make Happy
    Ditto Mulaney + Mass. pride and also songs
  6. This bit Frasier's David Hyde Pierce did at Just For Laughs Montreal sometime in the mid-90's
    It's called Hit the Couch & it's on YouTube and honestly it's the best goddamn thing I've ever seen. Motherfucker deserved all eleven of his emmy noms & also a special recognition for this fucking bit. Can't stress this enough it's incredible