1. Kendall
    She's a super model plus she seems to be the most down to earth out of all the sisters.
  2. Khloe
    She's always there for all her family members and their many issues. I can't blame them though, I would definitely go to her for advice.
  3. Caitlyn
    She's finally living the life she's always wanted to live and she doesn't give a F about what anybody has to say about it.
  4. Kourtney
    Her dry sense of humor is amazing.
  5. Kim
    Shes a Superstar all from a home movie. 😎 She also is the most stylish in the family.
  6. Kylie
    Her app is doing way better than the other sisters' apps.
  7. Kris
    We probably wouldn't know or care about these ladies if it wasn't for Kris Jenner.