(yes, I know that ended with a preposition). I love hearing my wife talk, especially about topics that excite her. Here is a list of ten of those things (in no particular order).
  1. Food she will cook -
    My wife didn't always cook, but I thank God she started! Since long hours when our first child was a cranky baby, she started watching the Food Network. Learning tons of fundamental food principles, she pretty quickly started taking ideas and making them her own. Now, every time she gets a new cookbook from the library, I get excited about the next 2 weeks of grocery shopping, salivating about the new meals I get to try.
  2. TV Characters -
    (Characters > Plot ) - that is a dogmatic belief my wife holds. It didn't take many conversations to convince me of the same. My wife prefers good TV to good movies, because it lets her get to know characters in ways that movies never could. it's hard to develop much over 100 mins, as opposed to 100 episodes. Breaking Bad to The Office, if there ever was a running theme in the TV she likes, it is good characters that she can discuss.
  3. Bible passages -
    Every Christian experiences this at some point (the more often, the better). When we read a passage from the Bible, that we've read in the past, but something about it stands out differently now. I love hearing my wife talk about these moments. It inspires me to read my Bible more intently. It blesses me, knowing she wants God to keep teaching her. It sets a great example for our kids.
  4. Our kids' cuteness -
    My wife does excellent impressions of our kids, and our son in particular. Whenever one of our kids does something unbearably, uncontainable cute, and she must share it, AND she does an impression of what they said or did?! Forget about it! Seeing her adore our kids... it just gets me every time!
  5. Books she's read -
    Sure, we might have different tastes, sometimes, but my wife has never given a bad book recommendation. So, one of three things happens: (a) she tells me to read the book, like the Hunger Games. (b) she tells me all about it and why it's good, like Room. Or (c) (and this may be my favorite) she actually reads the book aloud to me (like Ella Minnow Pea).
  6. Changes she wants to make -
    One of my favorite things about my wife, is her desire to be better. That all starts with growing in Jesus Christ, and it branches out to every aspect of her life. From changing how/what we buy, to making new schedules for devotional, schooling, and hanging out time. She wants things to improve, and I love hearing that. It assures me that she is not ever going to be satisfied in complacency.
  7. New things she's praying -
    Along the lines of the Bible study or changes, this goes a bit deeper. This lets me glimpse her heart about things. From renewed passion for refugees, to big moves for our family, I get to see the things that are the very most important to her, and I get to align myself with her passions, praying for those same things for and with her.
  8. Me -
    Shameless plug? There is just something special about hearing why she loves me! One of my all-time favorite gifts, is when she wrote me a song about me. It's not about inflating my pride, but about reminding me that I am special to her, exclusive to her, important to her. It assures me that she feels about me, like I feel about her. It reassures me that our marriage is good, and affirms that I'm not misguided. And, it is just fun to hear =]
  9. Us -
    Combing a lot of the other elements of improving, praying, and adoring, hearing her talk about us reinforces my knowledge of her unwavering commitment to our marriage. It's not threatening to hear her talk about ways she wants our marriage to improve, because it means she is still (as always) committed to our marriage. It's not a chore to hear her talk about what she wants from me in our marriage, because it reminds me that she wants to be more in love, more adoring, more satisfied. Plus this...
  10. /Us/ -
    I won't divulge details, but suffice it to say that it is fun to flirt with my wife. It's exciting to talk about our sex life. It is one of the most fascinating and beautiful aspects of holy matrimony, that I get to be naked and unashamed with her. When she actually wants to talk about it (or text ;) about it), well that just about floors me.