I got transferred to MT from WA. It is an answer to prayer. Moving ahead of my family has been hard, though. Here are ten reasons why.
  1. 10 - Playing games.
    Minecraft to Headbanz, or our own List Game, I miss playing with my family. I miss sharing ideas and cheering each other on.
  2. 9 - Watching Shows
    Watching shows the kids have seen, but I haven't, is a joy to me. Seeing them get excited for an upcoming episode that I, "will not believe!" is just so fun. I miss watching new shows with Kristin (like "Alone"). I miss watching fav's with her, too (like "Gilmore Girls").
  3. 8 - House Noise
    Whether it's the kids laughing in their room (and yes, even fighting a little), or listening to Kristin's podcast while cooking, or the sounds of music and cleaning things; I miss the sounds of my family, of my home.
  4. 7 - #Dadhour
    devoting an hour to each of my kids, once a week, to give them my undivided attention, has been a great institution for our family. Turns out it's us much for me as it is for them. I miss getting to know them, as little individuals. learning what they're all about at their own stages in life. learning their likes, what's important to them. I miss that 1-on-1 time.
  5. 6 - Table Talk
    Dinner time in our family has become the place to talk. We can all get distracted by things, even when we're all home together. But dinner time, we sit at a round table, and we face each other, and we talk. I love hearing about each person's interpretation of the day. I love hearing them talk about the food we're eating. I love the opportunity to teach them, from science or math, to theology and philosophy (never too young to start!).
  6. 5 - Kristin's cooking
    the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and my wife has long since claimed that path. My aunt is a good cook, but it's just not the same. My wife takes such care and joy in cooking for our family, and I feel it every time. and I miss it.
  7. 4 - Praying at bedtime
    I miss the routine of saying good night, and praying for each of my kids. Of course I can (and do) pray for them from here, but it's not the same. I miss laying hands on them, hugging them, praying for their present need. I miss answering their questions at bed time.
  8. 3 - Touch.
    I miss holding hands with my wife in the car. I miss the way Ella asks for hugs. I miss randomly wrestling my son. I miss giving Kaia a head-ride. I miss sitting next to them on the couch.
  9. 2 - Going To Church
    I miss hearing about what they learned, seeing what they've crafted, and discussing what they wondered. I miss worshiping with my wife. I miss discussing the sermon.
  10. 1 - Sleeping With Kristin
    Like, literally, sleeping beside her. I miss her just being there. The comfort of her being beside me. I miss touching our feet together. I miss hearing her make noises while she plays Candy Crush in bed. I miss waking up next to her.