helo! i thought i would make this my first list bc it sounded cute!! lets dive in 🏊 ((i dont actually care about that emoji dont be mislead)
  1. 🌸 this emoji is just rlly cute and i love flowers !!! i think its very pretty as its a cherry blossom flower and i love those!!!!!!
  2. 👻 i think the ghost emoji is just cute and spooky and im always a slut for spooky
  3. 🐝 bees are beeautiful
  4. ✨ so twinkly and makes anything much more fun !
  5. 🚀 i love the rocket its just fun! i wanted to be a space pirate (??) when i was little so this is close enough
  6. 💕 the two baby hearts are the cutest just sitting with each other i love it