1. Blame.
    Especially because I'm so good at it and I don't want to give up the throne.
  2. Complaining. What am I supposed to do keep it all bottled up inside? Asshole!
  3. Vision. I have to see the stupid shit to blame or complain about. It's tired. Its overrated.
  4. Crutches. I broke my leg. (Or God did) and my crutches fall all fucking day long.
  5. Toddlers. Say no more. I love mine though. Yeah. God help me.
  6. Theater people. If you don't know. Too bad. You have a good heart. I on the other hand have a theater degree.
  7. Ass pimples. Nobody knows but me the dichotomy is a pain in the butt.
  8. Coke. Both kinds. One rots your gut and teeth but its sooooo fucking good. The other does it too so fuck. That first sip/hit though Omg.
  9. Weed. It's just fucking boring now. Ugh. And it hurts.
  10. Edibles. A reason to live. And the ease of it all and the F U for not doing this sooner world!
  11. Exercise. No brainer.
  12. Crutches. They hurt my fucking armpits and they're too loud!!!
  13. Summer colds. There's no one to blame cause everyone gets them at the same fucking time.
  14. Spell Check/fix. Stop it with the fucking ducking already. And people's names. Leave me the fuck alone and/or do your job right!!!
  15. Jordan's. Really people. The 5s again. For $300 wtf is wrong with you/me?
  16. Kettle balls. I already have 15lb. Dumbbells. Thank you. Idiot!!!
  17. Keyless cars. Where the fuck is the ignition switch thingy? Plus... YES. I DO WANT TO JUST SIT IN THE CAR AND LISTEN TO THE RADIO W/O it running.
  18. Complaining. It's hard out here for a bitch.
  19. Artists. Enough already. Get out of here and let me do something. Jesus.
  20. Beards. Really? REALLY?
  21. Wifi. Oh go fuck yourself. And your password.
  22. Hardwood floors. Squeak squeak. Squeak. The shotty wood has no conception of time!!!
  23. The passenger seat. It's worse than the lines at Six Flags Great America.
  24. Bad Mexican food. Like how do you even complain?