Earlier this week the trailer for Paramount's Monster Trucks premiered. I encourage you all to watch it. It is at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uQrj2M-2Uiw
  1. The premise which is at once both extremely literal and incredibly confusing.
  2. The confused look on the villains face when he sees the monster truck climb up a building. He is not in awe but rather as confused by the film's premise as the audience.
  3. The lack of clarity as to whether the monsters live in trucks or rather the power to move trucks is something the main guy discovers.
  4. The fact that every person in the town seems to be a model.
  5. The way the main actress says "I touched his eye."
  6. The diss the main actress says to the main actor who seems to be at least 25: "last week you were riding a bicycle."
  7. That when the main actress touches the creatures eye her hand is clearly floating over it due to either bad VFX or a budget shortfall in VFX
  8. The fact that this film supposedly cost 150 million dollars.
  9. The unclear objective of the villains except that they don't like monster trucks (by which I mean monsters that live in trucks and also power them).
  10. The fact that the monster trucks also make engine noises even though again they seem to be powered by quiet non engine noise making monsters.
  11. The fact that the trailer seems to have been released under duress.
  12. Danny Glover
  13. The way the start of the trailer with the Fat Friend has a lot of import in that a crowd has gathered around a truck hole but I don't think a crowd would necessarily gather around a truck hole.
  14. The part with the horse
  15. The brief shot of a pile of monsters I think which leads to a lot of monster trucks (by which I mean monsters in trucks that also power them) I think. But again can't be sure due to sounds of engines not monsters.
  16. January 2017 cannot come soon enough.