maybe not "advice" but...
  1. I was working an event at the end of the summer
    I work as a server
  2. We had to be there for roughly 10-12 hours but it was a huuuge party and we all knew what it would be going into it
  3. Someone who's worked there for years and has done the same party before told me...
  4. "Once it begins, it can only end."
  5. Obviously it was meant as more of an "it's okay, it'll be over before you know it"
  6. But I try to take it more as "there's only one beginning, and then it's over"
  7. I'm in Thailand right now for about six months and as much as I'd love to be home, I just want to enjoy the time I have to be here
  8. Because now that it's begun, it can only end. There's no do-overs and everything ends eventually, so I just try to enjoy everything while I still can