1. Give up on getting fit a bit later than usual
  2. Eat more cheeseburgers at work
  3. Get food poisoning while trying some new cuisine
  4. Paint along with Bob Ross, drunk
  5. Jump out of an airplane
  6. Get innovative with calzones
  7. Get high and go hiking a lot more
  8. Play Fallout 4 (which means buying some kind of console or something)
  9. Read a book that has a movie so I can say the book is better
  10. Give more to the homeless
  11. Flip off President Trump
  12. Meditate most days
  13. Write something I am proud of
  14. Write a lot of shit I will throw away
  15. Go camping, sing along, and forget the words
  16. Burn my hand cooking, but hopefully not too badly
  17. Go to Paris and accidentally offend someone
  18. Pray to God it is better than 2016