With or without performance enhancing drugs (PEDs for short)
  1. Koreatown: come Friday evening you can be sure my friends are preemptively saying no Korean BBQ. Oo kook if you ain't fancy.
  2. Abbott Kinney: when two of LA's best are a stone throw from each other, there was really no way it wasn't making the list (Gjelina and Tasting Kitchen if you've never tasted good food before)
  3. Sawtelle: lil Osaka has it all from the most Seoul-ful Sausages to killer ramen and some of LA's best burgers (and fried chicken sandwiches for that matter) at Plan Check
  4. Dodger Stadium: if you're a fat loser, dodger dogs to the rescue (editor's note: I am a fat loser)
  5. Melrose: I wouldn't say tacos and chocolate chip cookies go together, but with Milk, Petty Cash Taqueria and the famous El Coyote all within a few blocks...sign me up
  6. SECRET SPOT ALERT: just kidding, find that for yourself...