A lot of people ask him what they need to listen to vinyl, here's what I recommend
  1. Turntable
    It matters how well built your turntable is and what type of cartridge / needle is on it. Typically this is the first thing that is going to make or break your vinyl experience.
  2. Pre-amp
    Think of this as the first point of contact that is going to make the sound you want out of your records. It's taking an electrical signal from the turntable and boosting it. Less is more in the way of features and adjustments you can make to the sound here. A volume knob is really all you want and need.
  3. Amp
    This is what is going to power your speakers. It needs to have enough juice to push the sound. If it's not enough oomph or your speakers are inefficient, you won't get why people love vinyl.
  4. Speakers
    It all depends on how much room (size) your dealing with and how loud you like to listen. A decent pair of mid-sized bookshelf speakers should work wonderfully. It also matters what type of music you listen to. Recordings pre-1977 is going to sound better on "warmer" speakers.