I work as a barista at a coffee shop I should also mention that I hate coffee. I don't like the smell, taste or effects. It's just a bad time for me.
  1. Professional Musician
    This is my all time dream although I constantly find I'm put down for it by people around me telling me I can't make money off it or there's just too many people doing it now a days.
  2. Mechanic
    I like cars I wish I knew more about them and it would just make me a lot more handy.
  3. Lawyer
    This one may just be from watching daredevil and a bit of suits.
  4. Politician
    I'm really good at pretending so I'd probably be good at this and I also have a decent set of morales so running a country might be fun or extremely stressful, maybe even both.
  5. Bartender
    I like to make drinks and alcohol is usually a good time and drunk people usually give me a laugh or two.
  6. Professional Athlete
    I wish I were more motivated to be good at sports because this would be a lot of fun, I'd love to rock climb professionally or swim.