In my first year of high school I had only one friend who happened to be a girl that I liked and she decided we should stop hanging out around half way through leaving me sad and alone and closed off from any people I hung out with until recently which is about 6-7 years later now anyways we're about to get real here's my list
  1. People don't know that you care or even like them without you actually telling them and although that might make you seem cool and mysterious it also doesn't let anyone very close and when they do get close they're always second guessing whether you're even friends
  2. On the other hand some people think they're closer to you than they actually are in your mind and they get hurt on that end by thinking you care very deeply about them when you actually think of them as an acquaintance at best
  3. Puts a strain on relationships when you treat every single person the exact same even if you don't like them you put up a facade to avoid any sort of conflict that may arise
  4. Lowers your self confidence and allows people to walk all over you leaving you open to being emotionally abused in any relationship you get into
  5. People care about you don't let them think that you don't care about them when you really do, tell your best friend how much they mean to you, tell your SO how much you love them, give your parents a hug
  6. If you shut everyone out no matter how many friends you make or how many people you hang out with you will be an empty shell everyone needs love in their lives so let people love you