Here are a few things that cause sighs of frustration to leave my mouth like a cry for mercy to, well, life.
  1. A Wasteful Choice of My Free Article
    I have the NY Times app, and no account. This limits me to 10 free articles/month. It's usually late and my thumb slips up and causes havoc. In this case, a waste of a free NY Times article. Most recently I found myself reluctantly skimming through a piece about something to do with the research of an incurable disease. All I recall is a gene involved was made of 79 sections, or exons. And all I can retain is just how cool that word is. Exons. Hooray exons. Boo NY Times limits.
  2. Noticing a tweet you've tweeted has a typo.
    Nothing can be more deflating to the personal ego statue all Twitter users are building with each tweet than a typo. Catching it late forces consideration to erase such a flub from your name. Noticing this immediately usually makes you consider whether or not to chop a correctly spelled (better looking) clone and kill it's ugly twin, all this while hoping no one is refreshing their timeline to catch the off-handed moment where both tweets may appear. Cringeworthy stuff all the way around here.
  3. I meant "Delete All"
    Oh how the "Delete/Recover All" buttons in the Recently Deleted photo album never seem to tire from screwing me over. The 109 photos I had intended to delete of John Stamos and golden retriever puppies are now back, scattered across my photo library?! Oh, also, who thought it'd be a good idea to allow for the Recently Deleted album to be exempt from being deleted. Scuffing and shaking my head as if I'm smarter than all of Apple put together. Won't be the last time.
  4. That guy ^ yeah, right there
    Reading the description of my "I meant 'Delete All'" bullet and realizing I spent over half the allotted space not sharing my thoughts about the exact point brought up in the bullet's title. Still playing with this medium. Ending this list now so that the problem I've dedicated this bullet to doesn't happen again, right here, in this bullet. Oh my god. Did that just -