Should this be a list of characters in novels? Probably. I'm not that well read though but I love a film. Here it goes...
  1. Aragorn, son of Arathorn.
    I'd say that normally I think method actors are weird... Christian Bale; other method actors I can't name all the while I'm sitting on a train. Like what is that about? I'm gonna be this character all the time! Christian, if you act like Batman you will get arrested. However Aragorn, without spoiling too much about anything is the best character ever in anything ever. Ever. Take a knee Aragorn. Wink wink.
  2. Rorschach
    So at some point we will spend 3 hours and 35 minutes watching Watchmen. I'm sorry I like long films, but it's great if you're in the right mood and appreciate the cultural references of the period it's filmed in. Rorschach is the main protagonist searching for an answer. He's unrelenting, a bit of a nut job, but also brings vengeance to those who deserve it. He's almost like a better Batman and you'll like him, even if you don't always like the way he does it. Plus he has a mask that moves.
  3. Mickey O'Neil
    Brad Pitt as a gypsy. This pick was difficult. I could've gone for Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. V. The Joker in The Dark Knight. But I hate gypsies yet something about his portrayal is so accurate and perfect it makes me smile whenever I think about it. For that alone I've had to put him in, and I think he only has about 10 minutes screentime but yeah tonight this is my top 3. Tomorrow I know it will probably be completely different.