1. Jesus Is My Pool Guy
  2. Brutally Honest And Totally Not Racist, But...
  3. Can I Call It Water If It's Hundred Proof
  4. I've Got Friends At The Broasis
  5. The C-I-A Killed J-F-K and I Feel B-A-D
  6. The K In Marlboro Stands For Klan
  7. 3 Beers, 2 Dogs, 1 Cheatin' B*tch (and my other dog don't know)
  8. Do You Even Lift (Your Truck) Bro?
  9. This Bumper Sticker Debunks Evolution
  10. Dis-ability To The Best of My Ability
  11. They Deadlift Combines in Bromaha
  12. They Don't Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore, That'd Be Religious Oppression.
  13. Toby Keith Gone Bro