Types of shows that should take place in Hawaii

The success of Hawaii 5-0 originally led to Magnum P.I., but where were all the other profession based shows to follow? A short list of TV show ideas that would be successful if based in our most tropical state
  1. Maui Legal
    A deceptive lawyer flees NYC to set up shop in Maui under a new name. Constantly has to fight with his unscrupulous demons and balance his need to win with his need to keep a low profile. Probably takes up surfing at some point.
  2. Hawaii Blue
    You think will be adaptation of NYPD Blue but it's not. It's really a show about the HI Coast Guard, cause they're on the Blue. "The ocean isn't the only thing that runs deep out here.". Jimmy Smits WILL star as Capt. Kahananui (this will be both awesome and racist, as most American TV)
  3. Don Ho Hospital
    The busiest ER in HI capitol city sets the backdrop for this drama of friendship, sex, surf and tragedy. George Clooney will EP and Chris Hemsworth will star as John Dakota a Midwestern boy who's going through culture shock.
  4. Probably a show about a resort or something, that'd be cool.