Albums that Changed My Life

In chronological order from when I first heard them
  1. My mom bumped this in 1996 and it fueled my interest in 90s alt rock and ska punk (before I knew what that was). Still holds up as one of the best albums of the 90s
  2. Bridged the gap between boy bands and rock music
  3. This album made me want to learn how to play the drums
  4. Led me to other great punk bands like Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, the Germs
  5. Then i started 8th grade and discovered ska
  6. My wife bought this for me for my 16th birthday and I knew I had to hold onto this one
  7. Someone made me a Beatles mixtape in 11th grade and my life was forever changed
  8. Got this for my 18th birthday and it didn't leave my car CD player until it broke
  9. Soundtrack to the pain and suffering of being a college freshman
  10. College underage drinking jams
  11. This album took me down the Beach Boys rabbit hole...
  12. This could be the day that we push through, this could be the day that all our dreams come true
  13. Restored my faith in hip hop
  14. Spooky rap album that opened my eyes to other skilled mixtape MCs like Danny Brown and Chance the Rapper
  15. I got married the year this album came out and I haven't been the same since