As told by me.
  1. "I sing nobody cares, Jimmy rambles, his lines unrehearsed, they go wild. Everything's easy for him." "Except walking"
    Look Ashley was without a doubt the worst thing to ever happen to degrassi. The worst!!!!! But my god, I love that her whines ass gave us this golden line from Ellie! #wheelchairjimmy
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    This is an actual photo of KC yelling this.
  3. So when in doubt kiss Craig???
    Look here, Craig Manning is a messed up, beautiful, douchelord, but hell yeah when in doubt kiss Craig.
  4. "I have a French exam." "I think you just passed it."
    If I just kissed a super hot goth guy in the library after setting off a stink bomb for him and our mutual best friend, I too would deliver this uber clever line. Hell yeah, Eli Goldsworthy just passed it.
  5. "It's like he's on a different planet or something. A COOL planet. I'm on planet White Dork."
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    I to understand this Emma Nelson, as I am also on planet white dork. You have flaming dolphin pants and I have this...
  6. "Well, sorry for changing. It's a good thing you still stayed the're still a bitch."
    Darcy Edwards never had much going for her as a character, imo. But this quote is one I've used on more than one occasion and it kills every time.
  7. "Hun."
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    Paige Michalchuk need only to say this one word and you should just start praying and begging. All hail the true Queen Bee.