Random things I remember people saying to me as a kid

  1. You aren't very observant are you?
    Guy at recycling plant. (7 years old)
  2. You are a smart Latina woman, and you are going to get an education.
    Uncle Roland. (10 years)
  3. Your dog poops? That's hilarious!
    Drunk guy at a party for my dads boss, referring to my Dogz Nintendo game. (8 years)
  4. One day the boys are gonna flock after you.
    Guy in the mall trying to sell me a straightening iron. (11 years)
  5. I figured your room would be pink.
    Cameron, from school. Pretty sure he had a crush on me. (Age 8)
  6. You don't always have to use sarcasm to be mean.
    My good friend Jenna. Pretty sure I said something insulting. (Age 11)
  7. What are you looking at R-tard?
    Sean. My first day of fifth grade.
  8. "Why not? She has one too!"
    My mom when I refused to take a bath in front of our next door neighbor. (Age 3)
  9. Have you ever kissed a boy?
    My friend Taylor. ( 6 years) I said yes even though the answer was obviously no.