1. Wearing JNCO jeans with a Tommy Hilfiger polo.
    Couldn't make a decision to be a skater poser or a preppy poser so I mixed and matched. And it wasn't pretty.
  2. Dancing at the school dance to Tubthumping and Mambo # 5, without using deodorant yet.
    Heather was NOT impressed.
  3. Wearing white Adidas tear aways in 6th grade, thinking they're fly, but unaware that an 8th grader would pour water on them and tear them off.
    It ends how you think it ends.
  4. Trusting the lunch ladies knew what they were doing when making Halupkis
    It ends how you think it ends.
  5. The gymnastics segment of gym.
    As if changing in front of a bunch of pubescent boys wasn't stressful enough, try landing a roundoff in front of Heather. Come on!