1. I don't have a go to toothpaste.
    You're all teeth whitening and you're all tartar control. Differentiate yourself!
  2. How many meals in a row could I eat pizza?
    I think it's more than 600 but less than 800. I could be wrong on the ceiling.
  3. Does my dog like pizza as much as I like pizza?
    I think the answer is yes because he goes bonkers when I'm eating it. But he also goes bonkers when I put my shoes on so I don't know where pizza truly falls on his scale.
  4. Would Jon Arbuckle be a good Halloween costume?
    I don't think so. Launchpad from Ducktails it is.
  5. I wish I liked specialty pizzas more.
    Buffalo chicken, etc. I like a good topping or 3, but I'm not into foods that should be stand alone foods. You can keep your taco and cheesesteak pizza.
  6. I think I'll get pizza for lunch.