1. The one where Marcel kills Ross
    Marcel was a jovial monkey. But Ross's constant moping and whining drove the capuchin monkey crazy. A-wim-a-WAP!
  2. The one where Rachel kills Ross.
    Rachel was a jovial waitress. But Ross's constant moping and whining dove the human woman crazy.
  3. The one where the gang unfriends Joey because he has the IQ of a burrito.
    Did we really think the gang would keep him around after Phoebe marries Paul Rudd. Yeah, Phoebs might not be the sharpest tool either but she gives a damn good massage.
  4. The one where Monica kills Ross.
    One too many fat jokes, Jurassic Park!
  5. The one where Phoebe dates Kramer.
    Didn't you love it when Steve Urkel appears at the Tanners' door on Full House?! Tv worlds coming together like it's nbd. Giddy up!
  6. The one where the gang moves to Biloxi, Mississippi.
    The gang loves Central Perk so much they decide to start their own coffee shop. They call it Starbiloxi and Monica makes the dopest scones on whatever side of the Mississippi Biloxi sits.